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We grow, pack and ship organic leafy greens at our indoor farm in Silt, Colorado.

Our Promise


We guarantee fresh, organic, locally grown greens available year-round.


All day, every day, we want to hear from you!


A promise to you is a promise to us.


100% Recyclable Packaging

Same-Day Deliveries

Using 90% Less Land

Using 95% Less Water

Hands-Free Production

Locally Grown

Pesticide Free

Using Fewer Emissions


We grow more lettuce per square meter than traditional farms in our 2.5-acre greenhouse.

Our farm is high-tech, climate-controlled, and environmentally friendly to support year-round production.

Hands-free production means the first time the greens will be touched is in your kitchen.

Our Team


I’m excited to be a part of the innovative farm we've built at Spring Born and the vision to deliver fresh, clean, and locally grown food.


It is exciting to be part of a project that has a compelling business model and produces a nutritional product by way of an environmentally friendly process.


Innovation, creative and sustainable solutions are why I enjoy being a part of Spring Born.


I'm passionate about food production methods that are better for our agricultural communities, natural environments and transforming our food system to deliver fresher, more nutritious food to the local community.


I love being a part of the sustainable future of agriculture and supporting our local community.


I am excited to be a part of the future of sustainable agriculture and using our resources to better the community.


I am building a farm that supports the local community with food, jobs, and added business. The farm should support the town, and the town should support the farm.